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Truffle, Black & White Oregon

Latin Name: Tuber melanosporum & Tuber magnatum

Tableside Information:

The Premium White Truffle

Earthy, Complex, Lighter Musk, Intricate Sweetness

Food Information:

THE FORAGERS - Hand Dug in Oregon. Truffle Foraging is a highly secretive business. Little is known about specific harvest areas because no one will divulge these locations.

THE TRUFFLE - Oregon White & Black Truffles really show domestic success with an innate sweetness that can be rare in Truffles. The perfect instrument to any fine dining garnish, component, atrraction, or any flavor additive.

Raw, Roasted, Applicable Flavoring

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Year Round

Range & Habitat:

Western United States


Not shared by any Forager


SFS Partnership

Harvest Method:


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