Halibut Is Still Going Strong!

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Halibut is still running strong and we still have months left in the season! The season doesn't end November 14 so that leaves you plenty of time to jump on the Halibut train! Just look at those fillets!

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Copper River Sockeye Salmon

The BEST Salmon

The Sockeye possesses the reddest flesh from an almost exclusive diet of plankton. Even when cooked the Sockeye’s flesh remains bright red. Sockeye ranks just behind Kings in Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Sockeye is excellent heart-healthy food. Its full flavor and firm texture make it a favorite of the Salmon family. The Sockeye Salmon is the premiere Salmon for deep red plate presentation.

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A snap shot of today’s availability from coast to coast; Today’s Availability represents accurate availability for today’s premium seafood, meat & more. Every major buying market in the country is represented. Search, shop, research products or producers and make today’s purchase all at your fingertips. Need server training print-outs? No problem. As soon as you order, a server print-out for each product you purchased can be automatically emailed to your team.

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Our online ordering features robust, real-time daily availability, search features, informational links and a new comment box. Optional features will include automatic emails with server print-outs as well as a live chat option.

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We have over 30 partnerships through fisheries, importers & boutique artisans nationwide to offer a wide variety of the freshest fish, meat, foraged items, and caviar.

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We are a solutions-based company. Simply put, it is our goal to become each and every one of our customers single greatest resource for fresh seafood and premium proteins. We recognize Chefs' need for an advocate in the global procurement arena. We are that advocate.LEARN MORE »

An incomparable quality and freshness available at any time that is hard to find in any other company. Their customer service is also of the charts, thanks to Mike C., a diligent and consummate professional and one of the most outstanding purveyor I've worked with in my 25 years in the industry.

— Scottie Burton
Executive Chef of Copper Whiskey Bar and Grill

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