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Tuna, Albacore Oregon Wild

Latin Name: Thunnus alalunga

Tableside Information:

Common Name: Longfin Tuna, Tombo, Tunny, Albie

Rich yet Clean.

Crunchy, Smooth, Rich, Clean

Food Information:

THE FISHERY - Oregon fishermen catch our Albacore when the schools come closer to the coast during their migration up the west coast of North America. Lucky for us, that’s perfect timing in the life cycle of an Albacore. is very pleased to offer this remarkable Albacore.

THE FISH - The fish have been feeding on the schools of rich Anchovies and Sardines in the coastal upwelling, so they’re healthy and have more nutritious oils. Rich yet clean Albacore is perfect for Sushi to Wood Grilled.

Sashimi, Crudo, Charred, Seared, Poached, Roasted

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Year Round

Range & Habitat:

Western United States




Baja Peninsula Fleet

Harvest Method:

Hook & Line

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