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Wagyu, Mishima Reserve

Tableside Information:

Tender, Succulent, Marbling at Prime and Higher.

Food Information:

Mishima Reserve
Rancher, Wagyu Beef
Raised in California & Australia

Mishima Reserve Wagyu Cattle are raised on a small network of conscientious family ranches where clean air and water, a temperate climate, and the availability of high quality feeds, all contribute to the extraordinary quality of this Beef.

Mishima Reserve Wagyu cattle are produced naturally without the use of added hormones or antibiotics.
Great lengths are taken to ensure that Mishima Reserve Wagyu Cattle are healthy and comfortable. Our cattle have access to under roof cover in bad weather and have access to the outside when the weather is good. This contributes positively to the comfort and heath of the cattle. 

Mishima Reserve Wagyu Grades:
Ultra  - BMS 8-10
5 Star - BMS 6-7
4 Star - BMS 4-5 (USDA PRIME)

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Year Round

Range & Habitat:

Western United States


Wagyu Cooperative California & Australia


Alaskan Grown Seafoods

Harvest Method:


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