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Wagyu, Japanese Satsuma

Latin Name: Bos Taurus - Descendant of Wild Oxen

Food Information:

Japanese 100% Satsuma Wagyu 

Breed: Japanese Black Wagyu

Eating Beef in Japan was prohibited for the 1,000 years leading up the Meiji
restoration (1868)

Consumption from 1868 to 1960’s was allowed but uncommon.
Raising Wagyu cattle specifically for beef has less than a 60 year history.
Branding of Wagyu Beef a part of the beef industry from the beginning.
Most brands centered around a Geography and operated by a local
Agricultral Cooperative.
Most popular Brands in Japan:

Satsuma (Kagoshima Prefecture - Southern Kyushu)
Matsuzaka (Mei Prefecture – East of Osaka)
Kobe (Hyogo Prefecture – West of Osaka)
Omi (Shiga Prefecture – North of Osaka)

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