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John Dory, St. Peter Fish

Latin Name: Zeus faber

Tableside Information:

Common Names: St. Peter (Pierre) Fish,  

Ultimate in Fine Dining
Paper White, Very Flakey, Sweet, Moist

Food Information:

The Fishery - Leigh Fisheries NZ is an innovative company based in Leigh, a small village in Cape Rodney on the north island of New Zealand. Combining more than 50 years of fishing experience with extensive knowledge, Leigh Fisheries NZ is able to achieve a total commitment to quality. An excellent standard of pure quality is guaranteed by the tools and the technology utilized. Leigh Fisheries works alongside New Zealand's strict quota management system in order to prevent over-fishing. In addition, Leigh Fisheries’ fish are caught so that waste is prevented and juvenile and older fish are avoided. 

THE FISH - From its storied beginnings, the John Dory has been a staple in ultra fine dining. With a sweet and delicate flesh that cooks to a paper white, the John Dory rivals the marks of species that often grace upscale menus. Think of Dover Sole with a Snapper's texture. Think of Turbot with a crab like sweetness. John Dory is a versatile species that dominates the light, white, flakey genre. John Dory is an upright "Flatfish". Its fillet resembles the shape of Flounder, but without scales. It has a beautiful olive to gold skin that crisps wonderfully when seared. The flake of the John Dory is delicate and supple. The clean flavors are the perfect canvas for light sets and minimalistic ingredient approach.

Saute, Broil, Sous Vide

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Spring Fall Winter

Range & Habitat:

New Zealand & Australia


Bay of Plenty


Leigh Fisheries

Harvest Method:

Hook & Line

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